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The Laboratory

The marker of cutting-edge healthcare simulation is not the inclusion of sophisticated technology alone, but rather the process of leveraging simulation as a laboratory to address the challenges facing students and health care professionals across all disciplines in healthcare. We designed our state-of-the-art spaces to serve as a laboratory for learning, innovation, and research.

The Simulation Hospital

Much of patient care takes place outside of the patient’s room. Thus, the 35,000 square foot simulation hospital includes critical ancillary areas such as a nurse's station, medication room equipped with a networked automated medication dispensing cabinet, and an inpatient lab outfitted with functional blood bank and lab equipment. These spaces complement the six patient suites that include an operating room, labor & delivery suite, PACU, intensive care unit, general ward and emergency room to a represent the systems of care impacting our patients.

Replication of the Care Environment

The simulation laboratory was designed with great attentiveness to be a replication of the care environment to support the transfer of skills to patients. Each space’s design and equipment were carefully chosen according to health system specifications and standards – from the hospital beds to the monitors and call light system. In addition, all consumable supplies are purchased through the hospital supply chain to support the authentic practice of tasks in the clinical environment. Most notably, the simulation hospital features one of the most advanced Epic training environments in existence, featuring live vitals monitoring integration for use in both ICU and Operating Room contexts, patient wristband and medication barcode integration, and customizable, robust simulation patient charts for all types of patient care.

Practice Laboratory for Procedures

The practice laboratory offers 6 exam stations outfitted to represent a medical office building and 7 stations equipped as an inpatient ward. We believe safe procedures are a team sport. Thus, many procedural courses start with a procedural time out, leverage the benefits of paired practice and peer coaching, and feature checklists that can be found in the clinical environment.  

Care in the Home Environment

The simulated home environment is designed to replicate common challenges and risks to safety that patients face in their homes. This allows current and future health care professionals to practice providing multi-dimensional care tailored to the needs of the patient.

Practice adjacent to the Clinical Environment

In addition to the Health Education Building, ZIEL has a 5,500 sq ft center situated at the nexus of education and care on campus, immediately adjacent to Bell Hospital. This space includes a large task training room and two patient suites-- one of which was custom designed to match the features of the hospital operating rooms and has been home to hundreds of hours of practice by the health system operating room teams.

Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL)

Sudler Simulation Center
Ground Floor of Sudler Hall

ZIEL at the Health Education Building 
Simulation Hospital - 4th Floor
Practice Laboratory and Home Environment - 5th Floor