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While instructors may have previous experience or training in designing and delivering simulation, we recommend that instructors complete the ZIEL professional development program. Your participation facilitates the partnership between ZIEL educators and the simulation delivery team. All courses are free of charge to employees of The University of Kansas Health System and KU Medical Center instructors.


ZIEL Introductory Workshops

Establishing a Safe Container for Learning

This workshop covers prebriefing and introduces an approach to debriefing, Debriefing with Good Judgment. Participants will practice prebriefing and debriefing strategies. This foundational workshop serves as an introduction to simulation as an instructional method. 

Simulation Curriculum Design

This workshop will introduce the process of developing a simulation experience designed to achieve targeted learning outcomes. This workshop offers the foundation for curriculum design in simulation and procedural training. 

Procedural Training and Design 

This workshop will introduce the process of developing realistic procedural training.  

Event Calendar

Check our calendar for upcoming training dates and register to join us. 

Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL)

Sudler Simulation Center
Ground Floor of Sudler Hall

ZIEL at the Health Education Building 
Simulation Hospital - 4th Floor
Practice Laboratory and Home Environment - 5th Floor