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See the facilities of Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL) where health care students and providers from disciplines across campus can collaborate in experiential learning.

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience. It enables individuals to apply what they have learned to concrete experiences, reflect on the encounter, and then refine future performance. 

Sudler Hall Location

The first facility opened in October 2015 on the ground floor of Sudler Hall. This space is approximately 5,500 sq. ft. and includes two patient suites, a large task training area, and three debriefing rooms.

Health Education Building 

In August 2017, ZIEL expanded with the opening of the Health Education Building, adding another 40,000 sq. ft. of simulation space. The 4th floor is designed as a simulation hospital and includes four patient suites (and four debriefing rooms), with designs that can adapt to represent an operating room, labor & delivery suite, intensive care unit, general ward and emergency room.  The simulation hospital includes ancillary areas such as a nurse's station, medication dispensing room, inpatient lab and patient waiting areas.

The 5th floor of the Health Education Building holds ZIEL's practice laboratory and home suite. The practice laboratory offers 6 exam stations outfitted to represent a medical office building and 7 stations equipped as a general hospital ward. The home suite is fully functional and designed to facilitate training of healthcare that occurs within a patient's home environment.

Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL)

Sudler Simulation Center
Ground Floor of Sudler Hall

ZIEL at the Health Education Building 
Simulation Hospital - 4th Floor
Practice Laboratory and Home Environment - 5th Floor