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We are deeply passionate about transforming learning, collaboration and care.

Having witnessed the profound toll of highly committed students and professionals being unprepared for the high stakes work of healthcare, we are passionate about forging radically different strategies to create a radically different experience for students, clinicians, and teams. We apply the best of the learning and performance sciences while we foster a psychologically safe place to ask questions, be skeptical and curious, and learn our way to success. By transforming the way we learn and collaborate, we will transform care for patients and families, both current and future.

Design with the End in Mind.

The vision to transform learning, collaboration and care drives the organizational structure, programmatic function, and key simulation design principles in ZIEL. To provide maximum value to the organizations we serve, we must be strategic about what we do and how we do it.

What we do. We work with our co-creators to identify the highest-impact applications of simulation to improve the lives of people and communities in Kansas and beyond. We then design practice opportunities that maximize learning gains, as well as use simulation for systems testing, process improvement, or to forge new learning and reflection practices.

How we do it. Whether the task at hand is a procedure or a response to an unforeseen emergency, care is delivered as a team and always in the context of a system. Therefore, even for junior students, we design with the target context in mind to support transfer of learning and ultimately impact on our patients, families and communities.

Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL)

Sudler Simulation Center
Ground Floor of Sudler Hall

ZIEL at the Health Education Building 
Simulation Hospital - 4th Floor
Practice Laboratory and Home Environment - 5th Floor