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The Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL) is a partnership between the University of Kansas Medical Center and The University of Kansas Health System inspired by a vision of what health professions education and care can become.

Boundary Spanning. Our campus wide infrastructure for simulation that spans across professions and along the developmental continuum from junior student to senior professionals affords the precious opportunity to overcome the historical silos that impede health professions education and care.

Experiential learning. Learning through cycles of well-designed practice, reflection and refinement in a psychologically safe environment ensures that all individuals, teams, programs and organizations continue to develop to their full potential.

Simulation as a tool. Beyond the use of simulation for education and training, we also use simulation as a tool to advance each pillar of the shared university and health system vision including caring, healing, teaching, and discovering.

Team Training: Caring for Patients, Students and Health Care Professionals

Providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary teams to practice the skills they will need to care for patients is an important way to support current and future health care professionals. This video highlights first-hand accounts of the impacts of the Code Blue Simulation Course, which has now touched the lives of thousands including students from each of the three schools, post-graduate trainees and health care professionals from across the system, in addition to countless patients and families.

"Most care delivered today is done by teams of people, yet training often remains focused on individual responsibilities… These silos created through training impede safety."
Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL)

Sudler Simulation Center
Ground Floor of Sudler Hall

ZIEL at the Health Education Building 
Simulation Hospital - 4th Floor
Practice Laboratory and Home Environment - 5th Floor