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Why WorkWell KS

Research shows that most U.S. adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work. With health care costs rising and more and more research citing work-based nutrition and physical activity initiatives as a promising approach to employee heath improvements, employers are increasingly looking at the option of formal worksite programs.

Traditional Approach


WorkWell KS

Targets the individual employee Targets the worksite
Provides primarily information and programs Provides a comprehensive approach (information, programs, policy, benefit design, and environment)
Focuses on multiple health behaviors at the same time (only able to implement isolated interventions that do not fully address the behaviors) Focuses on one health behavior at a time (able to implement a comprehensive set of interventions that fully address that behavior)
Creates and implements interventions without the benefit of science

Creates and implements interventions based on evidence-based best practices

Uses diagnostics to identify/treat behavior Uses behavioral metrics to identify modifiable behaviors/prevent disease

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WorkWell KS

WorkWell KS
1010 N Kansas St.
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