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How It Works

The WorkWell KS Strategic Framework is based on academic research that identified successful worksite wellness elements that produce sustainably healthy worksites. The curricula were built around the "3-4-80": three modifiable behaviors (tobacco use, poor access to nutritious foods and beverages and physical inactivity) contribute to at least four chronic diseases (heart disease, type II diabetes, lung disease and some cancers), which in turn contribute to approximately 80% of the premature deaths in the United States.

WorkWell KS Strategic Framework

To properly address these modifiable behaviors, the WorkWell KS Strategic Framework was developed to guide worksites to first build a solid worksite wellness foundation, which consists of five elements: the wellness committee, exercising leadership, communications, incentives, and data. Once built, worksites are then encouraged to employ a socio-ecological approach to developing a comprehensive, multi-strategy (information, program, benefit design, policy and environment) intervention, focusing on one health behavior at a time.

Get Started

Below are links to the assessments and resources to first develop a strong worksite wellness foundation and then address each health topic using a comprehension, multi-strategy intervention at your worksite.

1. Start with the Foundation page where you will find an assessments, worksheets, and other tools to determine the strengths of your worksite and areas that require attention. 


2. Next, explore the other health topics and complete activities at your own pace.

Physical Activity Food and Beverage Tobacco Well-Being

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