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Health Science Academy

The KU Health Science Academy is a partnership of the University of Kansas Medical Center (university), Kansas City Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS), and the UKHS (health system).

The overarching goal of the KU Health Science Academy is to increase minority representation in health science fields. It has three short-term goals:

  1. Expose students to the health professions,
  2. Assist teachers and students in forming professional relationships, and
  3. Empower students to connect a career in the health sciences with community activism.

Teachers, hospital leaders, and university faculty devised the curriculum. The students’ time spent on campus was designed to supplement the curriculum of their regular Health Science class. An outline of the on-site curriculum is provided below. The sessions used a variety of formats, such as panels, lectures, hands-on activities, tours, and flipped classrooms.

Unit 1: Hidden Careers in Health Care (KU Hospital)

  • 2 sessions: Hidden Careers in Health Care, Panel
  • 2 sessions: HIPAA
  • 2 sessions: Hospital Tour, Support Positions
  • 2 sessions: Auditing a Hospital Room: Germ Simulation & ATP Test


Unit 2: Community Based Research (KUMC, Department of Preventive Medicine) - Internships TBD

  • 2 sessions: Introduction to Community Health Research
  • 2 sessions: Community Health Research Methods
  • 2 sessions: Community Health Research in Action – Examples from the Field
  • 2 sessions: Health Information Management

Unit 3: Nursing Career Exploration (KUMC, School of Nursing)

  • 2 sessions: Introduction to Stroke Identification; Careers in Nursing panel
  • 2 sessions: Nurses in the Community
  • 2 sessions: Nursing Clinical Skills lab
  • 2 sessions: Midwifery and STDs


Unit 4: Health Science Laboratory Research (KUMC, CLS & K-INBRE)

  • 2 sessions: Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department Panel
  • 2 sessions: Lab Safety & Performing a Mock Lab Audit
  • 2 sessions: DNA Necklace Lab
  • 2 sessions: Histology and Imaging


Unit 5: CPR Training & Certification (KU Hospital)

  • 3 sessions or more depending on class size for each school participating


Unit 6: School Academy Focus (KUMC, Department of Preventive Medicine)

  • Community Health (3 Sessions)
    • Nursing in the Community; Intro to Public Health and Community Health Workers (JUNTOS); Wyandotte County HEAT Report (CHC WyCo); Community Health Workers Panel (KC Care Clinic, Refugee Clinic)
  • Sports Medicine (4 sessions)
    • Sports Medicine: Physical Therapy, Primary Care, Nutrition, and Athletic Training


Unit 7: Creating Career Portfolios (KU Hospital, Talent Acquisition Department)

  • 2 sessions: Exploring Job Availability, Health Career Project
  • 2 sessions: Developing your CV, Developing your Cover Letter
  • 2 sessions: Mock Interviews
  • 1 session: Health Career Project Presentations


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