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COVID-19 Vaccines and Your Community

How do we increase vaccination rates in our community?

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Unit Outline

Lesson 1: Viruses & The Immune System
Investigating the structure of viruses and how the human immune system responds to viral infection.

Lesson 2: Viruses and Variants
Investigating how mutations lead to changes in genetic code, which may make viruses more effective [infectious or deadly].

Lesson 3: Vaccines & The Community
Examining the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases in a community and the vaccination policies that might limit this spread.

Lesson 4: Viral Mythbusters
Evaluating information students have heard about the COVID-19 virus and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lesson 5: Neighborhood Health - Assets & Barriers
Investigating the influence of social determinants on the health of individuals within a community and mapping community assets and barriers that improve or limit community health.

Lesson 6: Privilege & Equity
Students explore privilege through an activity and think critically about how privilege can be used to leverage assets and promote change in the community.

Lesson 7-10: Vaccine Advocacy Project (Community Health Campaign)
Students work in partners or small groups to develop a health communication campaign to increase vaccination rates in their community.


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