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Rederivation by Embryo Transfer

Rederivation by embryo transfer can be accomplished by mating wildtype donor female mice to investigator stud males of the line of interest. The facility can purchase outbred or inbred donor females, with respective prices indicated below. In addition, the PI can provide the donor females (especially if interested in maintaining homozygosity) for a reduced price.

Responsibilities of the Investigator

  • Provide access to proven stud males of line to be rederived (at least five males individually-housed).
  • If providing donor mice: minimum group of five females between three and four weeks of age.
  • Submit a Request Form in iLabs to initiate your project.

Services Provided by the Facility

  • Superovulate donor females, mate to males of interest, harvest oviducts and collect one-cell embryos.
  • Transfer collected embryos into pseudopregnant recipient females.
  • House recipient females and pups to weaning.

Last modified: Feb 12, 2021
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