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Pluripotent Stem Cell Karyotyping

Responsibilities of the Investigator

  • Provide the facility with a frozen vial of ES/iPS cells or a plate of growing cells.
  • Provide a protocol for culture of your ES/iPS cells.
  • Submit a Request Form in iLabs to initiate your project.

Services Provided by the Facility

The Pluripotent Stem Cell Core of the Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility conducts a simple chromosome counting procedure to determine the percentage of euploid cells.  No advanced karyotypic analysis is offered.

  • The facility will culture and arrest pluripotent stem cells in metaphase with colcemid.
  • We will prepare and count 20 chromosome spreads following a basic Giesma staining protocol.
  • The percentage of euploid cells will be provided to the investigator.

Last modified: Nov 04, 2019
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