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Blastocyst Injection

Responsibilities of the Investigator

  • Obtain IACUC approval for your project before requesting service.
  • Discuss cell source with facility directors before beginning project. For requests to inject ES cells not provided by the Facility (including C57BL/6 cells from KOMP and EUCOMM), please contact Melissa Larson prior to obtaining those cells.  
  • Request karyotyping of your cells in iLabs prior to injection. 
  • Prepare cells the morning of injection and submit a single cell suspension on ice, or have the facility culture cells for you.
  • Develop a reliable genotyping assay (PCR, Southern, or both) for identifying positive mice from tail clippings or ear punches.
  • Testing for germline transmission is the responsibility of the investigator.
  • Submit a Request Form in iLabs to initiate your project.

Services Provided by the Facility

  • When requested, the facility will expand and prepare cells for injection.
  • Previously selected targeted ES clones will be microinjected into C57Bl/6 blastocysts, after which they will be implanted into pseudopregnant females.
  • We guarantee to inject and implant at least 60 blastocysts.
  • We cannot guarantee the production of chimeric mice, nor their germline potential.

Last modified: Nov 04, 2019
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