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Scoring Criteria


  1. Abstract (Short Title:  Abstract)
    The Abstract should be a clear concise statement of the problem, results and conclusions. 
    Using the descriptive terms above, how would you rate the Abstract?  ( i.e. Fill in the sentence:)  The abstract was __________________________.     Give a score that reflects your rating. 
  2. Problem and Significance (Short Title: Problem)
    The problem and its significance should be clearly defined.  Sufficient background information should be presented so that a general audience can understand the rationale and goal of the research.  The student should present a hypothesis that will be tested, or a clear description of the problem that needs to be solved.
    The presentation of the problem, and its significance was _____________.
  3.  Experimental Design (Short Title: Design)
    The experimental design should test the hypothesis or the study should be designed to provide relevant new information to solve the problem identified above. 
    The design was _________________.
  4. Results and Conclusions (Short Title: Findings)
    The results of the study should be presented in a clear and concise manner.  The presenter should clearly state their contributions to the results, and which results were obtained by others.  The conclusions should include a statement of whether the results did or did not support the hypothesis.  Proper statistical evaluation should be used.  If the presentation was problem based, did the results increase our understanding of how to solve the problem? 
    The results and conclusions were _______________________.
  5.  Overall Presentation (Short Title: Overall)
    The presentation should be clear and concise.  The presentation should be well organized.  The presentation should be addressed to a general audience.  The presenter should respond to questions from the audience and judges, in a clear and consistent manner. 
    Overall, the presentation was  _________________.  Give a score that reflects your rating.

--> Scoring criteria for 3MT can be found on the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) page

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