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Committees and Contacts

The Student Research Forum requires many committees to ensure its success every year. These committees are comprised of dedicated individuals who recognize a unique opportunity to participate in, and improve upon, a tradition-rich event. The committee chairs for 2024 SRF are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the co-chairs at

View the Student Research Forum (SRF) Committees and Duties (PDF) to see all of the SRF committees and responsibilities of each.

Committee Name Committee Members

SRF Co-Chairs

Natalie Eppler and Paige Minchella


Allen Chen, Anubhav Chakraborty, Aprajita Tripathi, and Nicole D'Souza


Clayton Mansel, Nabil Hossain, Nik Connolly, and Rishav Mukherjee


Morgan Ewald, Gentry Totta-Griese, Brent Sear, Kafayat Yusuf, and Mustapha Mangdow


Kati Venneman, Ashley Teate, Anysja Roberts, and Shwetha Sreenivasan

Career Development

Tara McQuillan, Riley Peterson, Nour Shraim, Sandeep Kaur, and John Maina


Cara Wallingford, Lana Heslop, Alyssa Hannon, and Colette Worcester


Emily Casteen, Emily Daniel, Chen Zhang, and Kaitlyn Hinz


Ashley Howard, Daniel Chen, and Taylor Strope


Abigail Wagle, Caylie McKimens, Jared Rack, Md Saiful Islam Saif


Madison Shay, Aria Trask, Diego Paine, Mumtarin Jannat Oishee, and Will Hauser


Adam Wilson, Mary Gholampour, Abbey Vito, and Regan Konz


Juliann Leak, Juliana Ames, Sonali Choudhury, and Yasaman Etemadi Shamsabadi

Student Research Forum

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Student Research Forum
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160