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Medical Records Policy and Submission of Records

Submitting You Immunization Records to KUMC

Scanned immunization records may be submitted to KUMC Student Health by using the following email address:

This email account is intended to receive scanned copies of immunization and health records only.  If you are sending a scanned record, please allow 24 hours for your immunizations to be updated.  Immunization records may be faxed to 913-588-1943.

If you are an enrolled student, you may log into your personal Student Health account to check your immunization record and see if you have any unmet requirements.  Our full service website may also be used to:

  • Contact a nurse with a question or concern
  • Make or cancel an appointment
  • View your immunization record
  • Complete online health forms
  • View any missing requirements

Click on the following link to access your Student Health account.  Log on using your Novell user name and password.  You will then be directed to enter your date of birth to authenticate your identity.

Medical Records Policy

The following are procedures for copying and faxing medical records:

  1. All medical records requested by a health care provider for the purpose of continuity of care are free of charge.
  2. An entire medical record requested by a student for any purpose will cost a customary fee $0.50 per page. This fee must be paid prior to the receipt of records.
  3. Students requesting medical records must first consent by completing a release of information form.
  4. All students requesting records must provide proper identification and specify date of service or reason for the request.
  5. All records being faxed will be preceded by a complete cover sheet including the requestor's name. A copy of the fax will be filed in the student's medical record.

Policy on Storage and Destruction of Medical Records

Prior to May 2012, medical records are maintained for all students including health information provided by the student as part of the health center admissions process and information regarding any subsequent contact (examination, treatment) a student has at the health center.  All medical records are kept confidential.

Records are kept in the Student Health Center during the time that the student is actively enrolled on the KUMC campus and for one year after graduation or discontinuation of course work.

One year after graduation or discontinuation of course work, records are moved to Underground Vaults storage facility.  Student Health Services and Underground Vaults follow strict guidelines to ensure that transition and storage of medical records is absolutely confidential.

Ten years after graduation or discontinuation of course work, records are obtained from Underground Vaults for destruction by shredding.  Shredding is performed via a University contracted company that specializes in confidential shredding and destruction of records.  All destroyed records are logged at the time of disposal. 

Confidentiality Statement: All medical information within the medical record is the property of the patient. This information is considered confidential and will not be released to anyone other than the patient or a healthcare provider for the purpose of continuity of care.

Release Forms

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018