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Policy for Use of Student Health Services

This policy affects KU Medical Center (KUMC) affiliated students who are:

  1. not currently enrolled in a KUMC course but have a strong affiliation to the medical center and are enrolled on the Lawrence campus (example: Speech and Hearing students)
  2. enrolled on the Lawrence campus but frequently are at the medical center for student affiliated business (example: Pharmacy students)
  3. enrolled in an online course(s) only (example:  Ph.D. nursing students)
  4. enrolled on a University of Kansas campus that does not have a student center (example: Edwards Campus students)
  5. taking a school-approved leave of absence and have valid and active Student Health Insurance plan. 
  6. spouse or partner of currently enrolled KUMC student.

Any of these students can elect to pay the KUMC student health semester fee.  The rate is $120.00 for spring semester (January 1 - July 31), $80.00 for fall semester (August 1 - December 31) and $30.00 for summer semester (June 1 - July 31).

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018