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Immunization Policy for Continuing Students

Immunization Policy

All students at the University of Kansas Medical Center are required to keep immunization records current. Any special circumstances regarding immunizations should be discussed with Student Health individually. To make an appointment to discuss a special circumstance, click here.  Failure to comply with the Student Health Immunization Policy will result in denial of class registration.

Flu Shot Requirements

All currently enrolled KUMC Students must receive seasonal influenza vaccine.   Students may receive the flu vaccine at Student Health Services (SHS) or provide documentation of the vaccine to SHS.  If a student is submitting documentation, the documentation must include the name of the vaccine, lot number, expiration date, date received and provider name with credentials.  This includes vaccines that are obtained via University of Kansas Hospital Occupational Health Clinic or other hospital clinics.

Reasonable attempts will be made to provide free vaccine to students during the fall semester.  Students who are not able to obtain the vaccination at SHS due to distance considerations, scheduling conflicts, or for any other reason are responsible for obtaining the vaccine elsewhere at their own expense and providing the proper documentation.   

A vaccination deadline date will be assigned each year by which the seasonal influenza vaccine must be received. Any student who has not received vaccination by this date will receive a Student Health hold which will prevent enrollment.   Students who do not have the hold removed by the first day of class may incur additional re-activation fees. 

For clinical students, influenza vaccine declinations are considered for medical or religious reasons only.  To be considered for a religious exemption, documentation from an appropriate religious leader must be submitted to KUMC Student Health Services by the vaccination deadline.  All persons who believe that they have a medical exemption must provide appropriate documentation of their medical condition and meet with the SHS Medical Director to determine if they qualify for an exemption in the KUMC system.   All other requests for declinations are handled on an individual basis.  Declining the influenza vaccination may impact the student's ability to complete academic requirements and may especially impact their choice for clinical rotations, since many institutions do not allow students to rotate to their facility if the student has not received the seasonal influenza vaccine. 

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Last modified: Jul 26, 2018