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Health Requirements for Enrollment

Health requirements must be complete at least three business days before the first day of class.  Students who are in the process of completing an immunization series will be allowed to enroll as long as the series has been started and shots are being completed on schedule. 

Until your health requirements are complete, you will have a Student Health hold on your account which will prevent you from enrolling.  A hold on the first day of class will result in the loss of important resources and additional fees.

Enrollment requirements may be fulfilled by making an appointment with Student Health Services.  Gather your immunization records and log in to your KUMC Student Health Account to schedule an appointment or you can call 913-588-1941 to make an appointment.  Student Health will perform all necessary tests, examinations and blood work and assist you in filling out all required forms.

Or, you may have your healthcare providers complete the appropriate form for your program of study:

The completed and signed form along with immunization documenation and lab reports may be subimitted to:

     KUMC Student Health, 1012 Student Center, MS 4044, 3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS  66160

     If you prefer, you may email your information to or fax your information to 913-588-1943


Please Note: Every student must get a flu shot or sign a declination form at Student Health. A declination may affect clinical placement because medical institutions may not accept students who have not been vaccinated. Failure to secure a clinical placement could have adverse effects on the ability to complete the requirements for a degree from KUMC.


Please be aware that all enrolled students with a communicable disease that may affect the health and safety of others MUST advise Student Health Services.  For detailed information please review the Communicalble Disease and Infection Control Policy.

Last modified: Mar 01, 2021