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Withdrawing/Dropping Classes

If you withdraw or cease attendance from all classes at KUMC, you and the University may be expected to repay some or all of the federal financial aid you have received for the semester. If you withdraw within a KUMC Adjustment/Refund period, Student Financial Aid will determine if your refund must be used to repay some or all of the financial aid that you received. KUMC will use your official withdraw date to determine how much of your financial aid must be repaid.  Click here to find out how a Return of Title IV calculation is determined.

After you withdraw, you will receive a letter from Student Financial Aid telling you which financial aid programs your KUMC refund repaid (if applicable). If your KUMC refund is not enough to repay the amount of aid the University must return to your aid programs, the Student Financial Accounting Office will bill you for the difference. You may be required to repay the aid programs using your own funds. If you fail to repay this aid or fail to make satisfactory arrangements to repay this aid within 45 days, you may lose your eligibility to receive future federal and state aid.

Withdrawing from Classes

In most instances, you are not expected to repay financial aid awards you received for the semester as long as you remain enrolled. However, dropping hours may affect your future eligibility for aid. For more information, click here to read our Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Please contact Student Financial Aid if you are considering withdrawing from your classes.

Last modified: Oct 23, 2019