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Financial Aid for Summer Medical Elective Policy

Financial Aid Policy for Summer Medical Elective/Remedial Aid

If you are a medical student and you are enrolling in a summer medical elective or remedial a course, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO). If you want to be considered for aid for a summer elective, the SFAO will need a completed Medical Student Summer Aid Request Form for 2019.

It is the student's responsibility to:

1.     Complete the "Medical Student Summer Aid Request Form 2019" form, including information regarding any funding sources that you will be given to take the course. The SFAO Aid will be verifying this information.

2.     Depending on the type of financial aid that you will be offered, you may be required to complete an additional loan application. It is your responsibility to complete all necessary paperwork associated with the aid you will be offered.

3.     Complete any necessary applications with the School of Medicine in a timely manner.

4.      The student must have completed at 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The Office of Student Financial Aid will:

1.     Establish a cost of attendance based on the dates of the course(s).

2.     Determine your eligibility for aid. This will depend on the types of aid and amounts that you currently have, in addition to evaluating any other resources you have available for this time period.

3.     Process additional loan funds based on your specified request on the Summer Aid Request Form.

4.     Notify you by email once the Summer Application has been processed.

Last modified: May 07, 2019