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Kansas Medical Student Loan

This loan is established to encourage students of Kansas to practice primary care medicine and psychiatry in the State of Kansas. For the people of Kansas, the State Legislature has established the Kansas Medical Student Loan Program to assist students at KUMC. The Kansas Medical Student Loan is awarded on an annual basis, in return for agreements to practice medicine in Kansas after residency. For additional information please review our KMSL Primary Care and Psychiatry informational sheets on the current aid year forms page.

Primary Care Deadline: March 1st for incoming first year students

Psychiatry Deadline: September 30th for all applicants (M1-M4). Given the smaller nature of this program, all interested students will complete a Retroactive KMSL-Psych application regardless of their year in school.

Application: First time applicants are asked to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which can be found at Students must also complete the appropriate KMSL Application, either for the Primary Care program or Psychiatry program which can be found in the current aid year forms section.

Does it have to be repaid? Any person who fails to satisfy the service obligation must repay within ten (10) years to the University of Kansas an amount equal to the sum of money received in tuition payments and living expenses plus interest at the rate of 15 percent, from the date such money was received, with the first installment payment commencing 6 months after the date of the action or circumstances that causes the failure of the student to satisfy the obligations of this agreement.

Can a student receive funding for both programs (KMSL Primary Care and Psychiatry)? No, a student may only be in one program, and must choose either the KMSL Primary Care or KMSL Psych path. Students in the KMSL Primary Care program are required to complete a primary care residency and then commence full-time practice in either pediatrics, emergency medicine, internal medicine, or family medicine. Likewise a students in the KMSL Psychiatry program are required to complete a psychiatry residency and then commence full-time practice in either child or general psychiatry. Compliance in one program would be in direct violation of the other.

Award Maximum: Medical student tuition and monthly stipend

Need based: No

For more information, contact the Department of Student Financial Aid, (913) 588-5170 or email

Last modified: May 07, 2019