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Kansas State Scholarship

State scholars are Kansas residents who receive State Scholar designation in their senior year of high school. Criteria include having taken the ACT Assessment between April of the sophomore year and December of the senior year, AND completing the Kansas Scholars Curriculum. The 7th semester cumulative GPA and curriculum data are provided by high school officials to the Board of Regents in March. There are some academic requirements you will want to visit the Kansas Board of Regents Scholarships to view the information.

Deadline: May 1st

Application: and Kansas Board of Regents Scholarships

Interest Rate: None

Does it have to be repaid? No

Award Maximum: Designated State Scholars may receive up to $1,000 annually based on financial need as measured by the Federal Methodology using data submitted on the FAFSA and on the availability of State funds. 3.0 GPA is required for renewal.

Enrollment: must be in at least 12 or more credit hours

For more information, contact the Department of Student Financial Aid, (913) 588-5170 or email

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018