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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for Financial Aid?
A: You must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may view our Financial Aid Process checklist here.

Q: How do I apply for Scholarships?
A: Each program/school awards scholarships. Please contact your department to see how you can apply for their scholarships. Some departments may require a FAFSA to be on file for them to determine your need, it is recommended that you always file FAFSA yearly even if you do not plan to borrow loans. You can find a listing of outside scholarships here.

Q: How and when will my aid be disbursed to me?
A: Disbursement dates are here. Any tuition and fees that have been charged at this time will be taken from the disbursement. Anything left over will be released to the student in a refund from Student Financial Accounting.  Refunds are only disbursed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Student Financial Accounting. If you elect direct deposit (you may set this up through Student Financial Accounting in Enroll and Pay) a refund will be sent, but depending on when your bank draws down from the Federal Reserve, you may not see the deposit in your account until the following business day.

Q: Am I an independent student?
A: To be an independent student for Financial Aid purposes, you must be able to answer yes to one of the listed questions here.

Q: I'm considering attending KUMC, what would be the cost for my program?
A: Tuition rates can be found here. For a specific break down on your program costs and fees, please view the specific school/program website for these.

Q: What is the school code for the FAFSA, I can only find the one for the Lawrence Campus?
A: We have the same school code as the Lawrence Campus, it is 001948.

Q: Do I have to bring a document in person?
A: In most situations you are more than welcome to bring a document in person, but you may also scan and email it to us at financial fax it at 913-588-8841. If it pertains to citizenship documentation please call us at 913-588-5170 to discuss what is needed and if you need to present these documents in person.

Q: I received a late fee for paying my bill, who do I talk to about this?
A: You will need to contact Student Financial Accounting to appeal a late fee, you may find their directions here.

Q: I have reached the maximum in my Cost of Attendance but need additional funds, what can I do?
A: Students may be eligible to increase their COA for certain situations. Please read over our policy to find out if you are eligible.

Q: I've received a letter saying I do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAP), what does this mean and what can I do?
A: Per federal regulations students receiving federal financial aid must be making "satisfactory academic progress." To find out more, please visit our SAP policy to understand what this means for you and what you must to do maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Q: I've been told that I was selected for Verification, what does this mean?
A: When a student is selected for verification, it means that they have been chosen to have the information they reported on the FAFSA "verified" or checked for accuracy.  Sometimes students are randomly selected for verification, and sometimes a student is selected based on criteria established prior to the school year. For further information visit here.

Q: I am withdrawing/dropping a class, what will happen to my financial aid?
A: In some instances a student may be required to repay some or all of the federal financial aid if a course is dropped, or a student withdraws completely. Please visit our policy here.

Q: How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled in to be eligible for aid?
A: There are certain enrollment requirements to receive federal aid for undergraduate and graduate students, to find out if you are eligible please visit our policy.

Q: I'm going to need aid for the summer, what do I need to do?
A: You will need to complete a summer aid application. This form will be available online in the forms section for the current aid year in mid to late April in both paper and electronic formats.

Q: What is the priority deadline for KUMC?
A: The priority deadline for KUMC is March 1st some programs, however this does not apply to all programs. For Federal Loans, you may submit a FAFSA throughout the academic year to apply for these.

Q: I just received my aid package and the amount I received is less than my cost of attendance. How can I receive more aid to make up the difference?
A: We package each student to the maximum of their eligibility allowed under the federal direct loan limit for student loans. While this might not meet your full cost of attendance, there are additional programs that students can apply for to fulfill their COA amounts. Please review the loan programs under your class (Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical) on the right hand column on our website to see what additional programs you can apply for.

Q: Do I have to submit the FAFSA each year?
A: Yes, a new FAFSA is required every year to determine your eligibility for federal aid. It is advised to submit a FASFA each year even if you do not plan to use federal aid, some departments award need based scholarships and will need access this this information for you to be considered as a recipient.

Q: Are my parents required to enter their information on the FAFSA?
A: If you cannot answer yes to any of these questions then you are a dependent student and will be required to enter your parents information. If you are a graduate or medical student you are not required to enter your parents information, even though the FAFSA may prompt you to since you are attending a health professions school as we do not require it.

Q: I'm interested in applying for the Kansas Medical School Loan Program, when do I need to turn in my application?
A: Incoming students must submit their application by March 1st. Current enrolled students applying for Retro KMSL must submit their application by September 30th. These forms can be found in the forms section on our website in the current year.

Q: I'm a Veteran, what do I need to do to receive my benefits?
A: Things you need in order to be certified for VA benefits:

  •   Eligibility letter (from VA)
  •   Information Sheet (only need to fill out once unless your information changes)
  •   Certification form (filled out each term you want to use benefits and signed by an advisor

The Information Sheet and Certification form can be found here.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018