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New Students

Welcome to KUMC!

There are several steps you'll need to take before you can use your VA educational benefits at KUMC. Use the information below as a step-by-step guide, but please don't hesitate to contact us if questions arise!

1. Apply for your benefits

If you have never used your benefits at any educational institution, you will first need to apply for your benefits through the VA. Visit the website and click on the "How to Apply" link. From there, click on the green button that says "Find Your Education Benefits Form" and continue through the application process.

  • If you are receiving a Transfer of Eligibility from a spouse or parent, they can visit the Transfer of Benefits page to learn more about the transfer process.


1. Submit your Request for Change of Program/Place of Training

If you have already used your benefits at a different educational institution, you will not need to apply for your benefits again, but you will need to request a change of program/place of training from the VA. Visit the website to manage your education benefits. Review the steps to ensure you have the proper documentation, and then click on the blue "Start Your Education Application" button.

  • You will need to submit the Request for Change of Program/Place of Training even if your previous institution was KU-Lawrence. KU and KUMC have different facility codes with the VA.

2. Submit your Request for Certification of Military Benefits

After your either apply for your benefits or submit your request for change of program/place of training, you can submit your online KUMC Request for Certification of Military Benefits. Please note that you must be enrolled in your courses before you can submit your Request for Certification.  You will need to use your KUMC log in credentials to access the request form.  After you have submitted your request and our School Certifying Official (SCO) reviews your submission, your program will be sent a notification to approve your courses for the semester via our online system.

  • You will need to submit a new Request for Certification of Military Benefits every semester you wish to use your benefits at KUMC. If your schedule changes at any time during the semester -- regardless of whether you add or drop classes -- you will need to submit a new Request so that we may share this updated information with the VA.
  • After you submit your Request for Certification of Military Benefits and the School Certifying Official confirms they have all the required information and submits your certification to the VA, it takes an average of 4 weeks to receive your tuition and/or housing payments. Submitting your Request for Certification by the beginning of each semester will help ensure timely payment of your benefits.
  • You will receive automated emails as your request moves through the certification process.

3. Send us your Certificate of Eligibility

Once you submit your application for benefits or your request for change of program/place of training, it takes the VA an average of 30 days to review your application/request and complete their processing. 4-10 weeks after you submit your application/request, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA. This will confirm that you are eligible for your benefits and will list your benefit amount and your current length of eligibility. Please send a copy of this Certificate to us so that we may add it to your VA file.

  • After the School Certifying Official certifies your enrollment to the VA, it is up to the VA to process this enrollment and remit payment for tuition and/or housing to you and/or the university. If you have questions about the status of your payment, you can contact the VA by either Submitting a Question through the VA website (which requires you to log in), or by calling the GI Bill hotline at (888) GI-Bill1 (888-442-4551). General information and announcements about benefits and processing can be found on the GI Bill Website.


All students who are receiving VA educational benefits are eligible to have a deferment placed on their student financial account for the semester they are using benefits. A deferment will delay the due date for your tuition and fees to the 15th day of the last month of the semester. This will ensure that you will receive your benefits and can apply them to your student financial account before your tuition and fees are due.

Term Tuition/Fees Due
Fall December 15
Spring May 15
Summer August 15

In order for a deferment to be placed on your account, you must complete and submit the Request for Certification every semester. The School Certifying Official will then certify your enrollment to the VA and place the deferment on your account.

Please note that you are under no obligation to use your deferment, and may pay your tuition and fees in full at any time. If you do not pay your tuition and fees by the deferred due date, you may incur late payment fees and holds that prevent future enrollment or request of transcripts may be placed on your account. If you feel you may have trouble paying your tuition and fees by the deferred due date, please contact us -- we are happy to help reach a solution before the due date.

Last modified: Jun 21, 2021