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Dual Enrolled Students

If you are participating in a dual-degree partnership between KUMC and another institution, or if you will be taking classes that count toward your KUMC degree at another institution, there are additional steps you must take each semester to be able to use your VA educational benefits at both institutions.

Along with following the proper process for either a new student or a continuing student, please complete the following steps:

1. Notify the School Certifying Official at both KUMC and your other institution that you will be taking classes with both schools.

Since your degree (or the higher of the two degrees you are seeking, for Nursing Community College Partnership students) will be granted from the University of Kansas Medical Center, KUMC will be considered your home school. At the other institution where you are taking classes, you will be considered a guest student for VA purposes. It is important to let the SCOs at both schools know of your status so they can certify you enrollment to the VA correctly every semester.

2. Submit to the KUMC SCO a copy of your schedule at your other institution

As part of the certification process, your KUMC School Certifying Official will need to verify with your academic department that the courses you are taking will count toward your KUMC degree. After the SCO has this confirmation, the SCO will create what is called a "parent school letter." This is a letter from KUMC to your other institution that verifies that the classes you are taking at the other instituion will count toward your KUMC degree and that KUMC allows those courses to be certified as part of your KUMC degree plan. The KUMC SCO will send this letter via email to the SCO at your other instution, so that your enrollment can be certified there as well.

3. Report any changes in your schedule to your KUMC SCO

Whether your schedule changes at KUMC or your other institution, it is important for us to be notified of your enrollment status. If your enrollment changes at KUMC, you will need to complete a submit an updated Request for Certification of Military Benefits.

  • After the School Certifying Official certifies your enrollment to the VA, it is up to the VA to process this enrollment and remit payment for tuition and/or housing to you and/or the university. If you have questions about the status of your payment, you can contact the VA by either Submitting a Question through the VA website (which requires you to log in), or by calling the GI Bill hotline at (888) GI-Bill1 (888-442-4551). General information and announcements about benefits and processing can be found on the GI Bill Website.


All students who are receiving VA educational benefits are eligible to have a deferment placed on their student financial account for the semester they are using benefits. A deferment will delay the due date for your tuition and fees to the 15th day of the last month of the semester. This will ensure that you will receive your benefits and can apply them to your student financial account before your tuition and fees are due. Please consult with the SCO at your other institution to learn more about their deferment practices.

Term Tuition/Fees Due
Fall December 15
Spring May 15
Summer August 15

In order for a deferment to be placed on your account, you must complete and submit the Request for Certification every semester. The School Certifying Official will then certify your enrollment to the VA and place the deferment on your account.Please note that you are under no obligation to use your deferment, and may pay your tuition and fees in full at any time. If you do not pay your tuition and fees by the deferred due date, you may incur late payment fees and holds that prevent future enrollment or request of transcripts may be placed on your account. If you feel you may have trouble paying your tuition and fees by the deferred due date, please contact us -- we are happy to help reach a solution before the due date.

Last modified: Sep 03, 2019