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KUMC Student Data Reports

Departments have the ability to query student data without having to request it from the Enterprise Analytics or the Office of the Registrar. This system replaces the former KUMC Student Data Warehouse that was comprised of older technology that is no longer supported by the vendor. The two tools are flexible web-applications that allow users to customize reports to meet their specific needs. If you are new to student data at KUMC, you will also need to complete FERPA training in CHALK prior to getting access.

How to Access Student Data Reports

There are two places to access student data reports. Users should start with access to DEMIS since it provides the most general reports.

DEMIS is a Lawrence-based system where you can access lists of applicant, admitted, and enrolled students with various demographic data (addresses, ethnicity, test scores, etc.). DEMIS is useful for headcount reporting, identifying trends, and generating email/mailing lists. To access DEMIS, you need a KU Online ID which is a separate login than your KUMC username/password

Qlkiview is a KUMC-based system that provides more detailed data such as lists of instructors, individual class data, student grades, and other specialized reporting.

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Last modified: Sep 11, 2018