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Ordering Transcripts

Transcripts can be requested through the KUMC Registrar's Office. Please review the information below before placing a transcript order.

Printed Transcript Ordering Process
E-Transcript Ordering Process
Unofficial Transcripts Ordering Process
MSPE Letter Request

Printed Transcript Ordering Process

Paper transcripts are free of charge to all current and former KUMC students. Normal processing time is 3-5 business days. There is a charge for same-day service or express mailing options, which can be requested through the online request form.

To order a transcript, you may:

1. Complete the online request form. If you are a current student, sign into your myKUMC account, click the "Info For" drop-down menu, and select "Students & Postdocs." Transcript requests will be found under "Registrar Services." Former students may also complete the online request form, but they will need to follow the instructions to log in as a former student. Payment for express options may be made along with your transcript request.


2. Complete a PDF request form. Both current and former students are welcome to use this form. Completed forms can be submitted to the Registrar's Office via email and mail, at KUMC Registrar's Office Mail Stop 4005 3901 Rainbow Blvd.Kansas City, KS 66160. Contact information is available on the request form. If you would like express options, you will need to make that request via the online request form.

or Currently the Registrar's Office is working remotely and option #3 is not available.

3. Stop by the Registrar's Office in Dykes Library G035 Monday-Friday from 8 am - 4:30 pm and request a transcript in person. We will supply a request form for you to complete in our office, and an express options form if necessary. For verification purposes, please bring photo ID.


4. Request your transcript via a written letter. Please include the following in your letter:

1. Your full name and any former names used at KU
2. Your date of birth
3. Your KU ID number if known, or your Social Security Number
4. Approximate dates of attendance
5. Degree earned and date degree earned, if any
6. Address(es) for the intended transcript recipient(s)
7. Your address and phone number
8. Your signature
9. If the transcript request needs to be held until current semester grades are posted or until a current semester degree is posted, please indicate this.

You may then mail your request to:

KUMC Registrar's Office
Mail Stop 4005
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160

Please also note:

  • If you request to have your transcript held for pick up in the Registrar's Office, you will need to bring photo ID with you. We cannot release the transcript to you without identity verification through photo ID.
  • If you need any forms or documents sent with your transcript, you will need to submit them along with your transcript request.
  • We are unable to release transcripts if you have a financial or educational hold on your student account with either KUMC or KU-Lawrence.

E-Transcript Ordering Process

KUMC now offers official electronic (PDF) transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse. The cost for these e-transcripts will be between $2.25 - $4.25, depending on the receiving capabilities of the recipient. Processing time is 3-5 business days, after which time your transcript will be emailed to or shared through electronic exchange with your intended recipient. Please note that while you may send an e-transcript to yourself, most institutions will consider transcripts initially issued to students as unofficial.

Please note that only electronic transcripts can be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. Paper transcripts should be ordered using the instructions above. Also note that the Registrar's Office cannot submit any additional forms or documents along with your e-transcript. If you need any additional documentation sent along with your transcript, if you need the official school seal present on your transcript, or if your request requires a notary service, you will need to order a paper transcript.

Before you begin your e-transcript order:

• Contact the intended recipient about the transcript format that is acceptable. Not every institution will accept e-transcripts. The Registrar's Office will not reissue transcript orders or provide a refund for orders once they have been processed.

• Be sure that you have the correct email address for the recipient. The Registrar's Office cannot edit transcript orders.

• Know your KUMC student ID number or your social security number.

• Have your debit or credit card ready.

• Resolve any KUMC student holds that will prevent the release of transcripts. If you have such a hold when you place your order, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office with information on how to resolve the hold. If the hold is not resolved within 30 days, your order will be cancelled.

Please note that once an order is submitted, it cannot be changed or edited. If any information is entered incorrectly, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately at (913) 588-7055 and we will attempt to cancel the order before it is sent. The student will then need to place a new order with the correct information. The Registrar's Office cannot provide a refund for orders once they have been processed.

Submit National Student Clearinghouse e-transcript order

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students may also obtain unofficial copies of their transcripts. This may be done though:

1. The KU Advising Tool in myKUMC. Select the Print Advising Report button. This will display a complete history of your KU coursework.
2. Enroll & Pay. Under the Academic Records menu click on KU Academic Summary. This will display a partial record by academic career.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at or (913) 588-7055.

You can view the transcript key and additional information here.

MSPE Letter

Medical Doctorate (MD) students who need a copy of their MSPE Letter ("Dean's Letter") can review the ordering instructions here.

Last modified: Feb 26, 2021