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Student Legal Service

The Student Legal Services is a student-funded program through the Student Governing Council which provides legal assistance to students that have been assessed the KUMC Required Campus Fee. The services are provided by a private attorney licensed in Kansas and Missouri. Legal advice is available by appointment only.

Services offered

Student Legal Services provides legal consultation and/or referral in most legal matters affecting students. Any information that you discuss with the attorney is protected by the attorney/client privilege. The attorney can not personally represent you based on this service. If your issue involves further legal work, you can secure the services of the attorney outside of this service or ask for a referral.

Examples of legal advice that the attorney can give you

  • Consumer contracts
  • Crime victim
  • Criminal charges
  • Debt Collection
  • No-fault divorce
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Traffic violations
  • Wills

Examples of legal advice that the attorney CAN NOT give you

  • Student versus student cases
  • Copyright and patent cases
  • Securities cases
  • Fee generating cases
  • Cases against the University of Kansas or it's affiliated organizations
  • Defense of misdemeanors occurring on the University of Kansas campuses or misdemeanors of which the University is a victim or to which University employees are witnesses.

To schedule an appointment

  • To schedule an appointment, email
  • Students are eligible for one free consultation per legal issue. If you schedule an appointment and do not show up or give 24 hour cancellation notice, you are not eligible for another appointment during the school year.

What to bring

When you are coming to your appointment, please bring all relevant papers (ie tickets, leases, letters from attorneys, etc.). If you are facing criminal charges, try to get a copy of your police report prior to your appointment. Not being adequately prepared will make it difficult for the attorney to assist you.

Helpful hints to make your appointment useful

  • Be prepared to take notes
  • Don't bring parents, significant others, etc., to your appointment
  • Be honest

Notary Public Service

The Division of Student Services also provides free notary service to KUMC Students in G035 Dykes Library.

Last modified: Nov 25, 2019