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Leadership Development Overview

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The Office of Student Life provides KUMC students ways to become better leaders to be a step above the rest as you enter your medical career.

Develop Leadership Skills

By becoming involved in a student organization, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal communication skills, set an example for your peers, exercise creativity, inventiveness and so much more!

Establish Relationships

Student leaders interact with a wide variety of students, faculty, staff, and community partners.  By bringing together a group of individuals, you will help the group accomplish a common goal and foster a sense of belonging.  You will also strengthen your role as a healthcare professional by establishing networks early in your academic career.

Make a Difference

Student organizations can be a powerful tool to influence change on campus and in the surrounding community.  Whether you want to help shape the future of your field or aid those in need in your community, your involvement provides the tools necessary to make a change.

Programs and Resources

Last modified: Apr 24, 2019

The Beat

The Beat provides tools for student organizations and helps to manage these organizations' schedules, events and social interactions through a variety of functions.

Check out The Beat.