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Medical Referral for Exercise

Our medical referral program is designed to help University of Kansas Medical Center patients incorporate physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle and health improvement.

Exercise is Medicine:
  • Program Track Options:
    1. Weight Management Emphasis
    2. Chronic Pain Emphasis
    3. Mental Health Emphasis
    4. General Wellness Emphasis
  • All Programs
    • Pre-activity screening and assessment
    • Lifestyle and nutritional health coaching
    • Physician report at the end of each program
    • 1-on-1 or guided group exercise

In order to participate, patients MUST have a medical referral form completed by a KUMC physician.

What's the Plan?

Patients are eligible for membership to Kirmayer, including access to a 50,000 sq. foot facility with cardio & strength training areas, salt-water pool, indoor track, basketball court, fitness studio, racquetball, and squash courts.

The membership begins with a one-on-one private consultation with our certified fitness professional. The fitness professional will work with the patient to determine current fitness level, movement efficiency and general preferences. A plan will be established to help the patient navigate the best course of action to meet their unique goals. Patients will be encouraged to participate in a 4 or 8 week Exercise is Medicine program; 1-1 training or guided group training, but patients may also choose a basic membership if they prefer.

Why it Works:

Our plan is multidimensional. We incorporate physical activity, behavior change, and basic nutrition to help patients develop long-term, healthy lifestyle habits. We work with a variety of health care providers to ensure that each patient's program is individualized to meet their unique needs. Patients are referred for the management of chronic and acute disease, as well as general wellness. Ask your physician if exercise is right for you!

To get started:

Obtain a medical referral from your University of Kansas Health System physician.
Please complete this Physician Referral Form and take the form to your next appointment.
For additional information on the Medical Referral for Exercise program, please contact Corie Cutshall at or (913) 588-7703.

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Last modified: Apr 22, 2020