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Inclement Weather Procedure for Students (Kansas City campus)

On-campus students only. Off-site students, please follow the direction of your clinical placement.

Notification Procedures

In the event that weather conditions (such as heavy snow, ice, extreme thunderstorms etc.) make travel to and from campus excessively difficult, time consuming, or hazardous, the University may declare that an inclement weather condition exists. The declaration may include a determination that campus will close. If a declaration of inclement weather is made, the Univeristy will strive to inform the campus community as soon as possible. If such determination is made in the morning before classes or clinical assignments start, the University will make every effort to inform the campus community by 5:30 a.m. When an inclement weather declaration is made, the campus community will be notified as follows: 

  1. RAVE Alert Messaging System for emergency notification to faculty, staff, employees, residents, and students.
    1. If you have not registered for RAVE Alerts, enrollment is simple and you can opt out at any time. The system allows you to receive text and email messages when emergency notifications are sent out by KUMC.
    2. Register for RAVE Alert via the Enroll & Pay system: Log in using the green KUMC campus login box, select "Emergency Contact Info" listed under the Main Menu, and follow the instructions.
  2. An alert message will be posted on the KUMC website at

Attendance Requirements - Campus Closing

  1. Students do not attend classes when campus is closed.
    1. Students are excused from all classes. No academic consequence otherwise assigned to missed attendance is incurred.
    2. All planned class content will be provided students when the campus reopens.
  2. Students in a clinical placement on the KUMC/UKHS campus do not report to their assigned schedule when campus is closed.
  3. Students in clinical placements outside the KUMC/UKHS campus are required to follow the inclement weather guidelines of their assigned clinical site. If there is a question regarding attendance, students should contact their clinical site for expectations and follow their clinical site's guidelines.
  4. Graduate students who have responsibilities for animals in the lab should report to complete those duties unless otherwise instructed by their supervisor.
  5. Virtual classes will be held as scheduled since they do not require campus attendance.
Last modified: Oct 29, 2019