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Psychological Services


Psychological services are offered to KUMC students and residents within a confidential, inclusive atmosphere of safety and respect to assist individuals in addressing emotional and interpersonal issues that may be affecting their well-being. While there are not session limits, counseling is typically provided in a short-term, goal oriented format.  A wide variety of concerns may be addressed in counseling, including:

  • Managing stress
  • Improving relationships
  • Making transitions
  • Successfully adapting to academic programs or other life situations
  • Clarifying values
  • Changing behavior patterns
  • Dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, or anger.

Services offered include:

If additional services or resources are needed for adequate treatment, then appropriate, professional referrals will be provided

SOM-Wichita Students may receive individual counseling onsite in Wichita.  Specifics on counseling services may be found on the SOM-W student intranet website.

SOM-Salina Students may receive individual counseling onsite in Salina at:  

We do not provide services to non-KUMC students and residents.  Individuals who are not affiliated as students or residents may wish to consider contacting KUHS psychology department at

Last modified: Jul 09, 2021