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Study Partner Match

Are you looking for a study partner? Looking for accountability? Looking to test your content understanding by working with a peer? Would you like to share resources or see the material through a different set of eyes?

Whatever the reason may be, Educational Support Services would like to assist KUMC students who are seeking study partners. If you would like to participate, simply fill out a request form at the following link: Our office will contact you shortly after you apply. If there are any other students in your program/year also looking for a study partner for the same content area, we will supply potential partners with each other's KUMC email addresses. Contacting the potential partners and arranging study sessions is the responsibility or the participating students. 

If any students would like additional assistance setting up learning objectives and discussing healthy study group dynamics for your pair, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist you. Study match and support services are available continually throughout the year. 

Although every best effort will be made to find a suitable partner, this service is dependent upon the availability of interested students. If there are no other interested students at the time of your request, we will keep your information and contact you when we receive another request. 

Questions about this program can be directed to

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Last modified: Jun 25, 2019