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Integration of Self and Practice (ISP) Series

The Integration of Self and Practice (ISP) Series is a collaborative endeavor between the BSN Faculty and Counseling and Educational Support. Designed to supplement current curriculum, the program allows students to earn a certificate by participation in a set number of lectures during a school year. 

Selected Topics

  • Surviving Basic Assessment and Therapeutic Interventions (BATI)
  • Secrets to Effective Test Taking
  • Strategic Reading in Nursing School
  • Managing a Relationship through Nursing School
  • Best Practices in Stress Management
  • Perfecting your Cover Letter
  • Getting the Job You Want (Nursing Recruiter Panel Discussion)
  • How to Party Like a Professional
  • Diplomacy with Bosses, Co-Workers and Patients
  • How to Study for the NCLEX
  • Upping your Game: Strategies for Improving Academic Performance
  • LGBTQIA: Beyond Competency to Language
  • Intuitive Eating and Fueling Your Body
  • Fatigue Management and Sleep for Optimal Outcomes
  • Preventing Burnout

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018