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Groups are offered to help students learn material better, and improve recall on exams. 

Question Groups 

Students practice applying newly honed knowledge to board-style questions geared to  lecture objectives.  Test taking strategy skills drive the discussions surrounding each question hand selected by learning specialists to sharpen critical thinking skills on high-yield topics.

Content Connections Groups

Students actively discuss high-yield topics from select material from the previous week.    Connections to previously learned content  enable students to practice knowledge acquisition and retrieval skills. These groups are facilitated by upperclassmen.

Supplemental Instruction

Facilitators who have been selected, trained by learning specialists and have successfully completed the curriculum run weekly SI sessions that combine elements of Content Connections and Question Groups to review previous week's lectures.

Check your email regularly for updates on group schedules and locations. 

*- Not all group types are available for all programs. 

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018