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CHATO Tech Support

Registering for CHATO Video Tutorial

This video walks through navigating through the CHATO account registration and verification. The video also outlines how to enroll in the study and provide consent to participate.

Download Registering for CHATO Instructions (PDF)


Creating a Free Email Account

The CHATO training requires an email account to enroll and verify your account.

Download instructions outlining the steps to create a free Gmail account (PDF).

Navigating to Module 1 Video Tutorial

This video walks through navigating to Module 1 after enrolling in CHATO and providing consent to participate. This tutorial will cover the: Course Overview and Information, Demographics and Pre-Communication Rating Sheet, and Pre-Test.

Download Navigating to Module 1 Instructions (PDF)

Open the video on a specific topic by clicking the desired topic link below (video opens in a new tab):



KU School of Nursing

University of Kansas Medical Center
Changing Talk: Online Training (CHATO)
Mail Stop 2029
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160