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Postdoctoral Scholarship

Zimmerman Postdoctoral Fellow: Samantha Cintron, Ph.D., RN, PCCN

Dr. Cintron is a highly accomplished nurse, researcher, and educator who has made significant contributions to the field of nursing. With a passion for understanding complex health conditions and improving patient outcomes, she has dedicated her career to exploring the underlying mechanisms of diseases and developing innovative interventions.

Recent Testimony from our Postdoctoral Zimmerman Scholar

Samantha Cintron"I am extremely honored to have been selected as the KU School of Nursing Zimmerman postdoctoral scholar. Under the direction of my mentor (Dr. Janet Pierce) I believe I will explore and discover new scientific developments related to post-COVID-19 conditions. During this two-year research experience, I will collaborate with Dr. Pierce and other scientists on a Department of Defense grant investigating the prevalence and symptoms of post-COVID-19 conditions in active-duty military personnel using the Defense Health Agency database. In addition, I will have the opportunity to publish and present our pilot data on mushroom supplements and reducing symptoms in patients with post-COVID-19 conditions. My research interests include genomics, physiology, data science, and precision health. During my postdoctoral training, I plan to continue to develop my skills as a nurse scientist collecting and analyzing data, disseminating findings, and applying for research funding." - Samantha Cintron, Zimmerman Scholar

Dr. Cintron earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors from The University of Kansas School of Nursing in 2015. She also completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from KU School of Nursing in 2022. Her doctoral dissertation titled "Leukocyte Transcriptome Analysis of Morbidly Obese Patients with High Output Heart Failure: Exploring the Underlying Pathophysiologic Mechanisms" demonstrates her expertise in genomic research and her commitment to understanding the intricate mechanisms of complex diseases.

Dr. Cintron is the School of Nursing’s Zimmerman Postdoctoral Fellow. This prestigious fellowship recognizes her outstanding contributions to nursing research and provides her with the opportunity to further explore her research interests. Her current research focuses on the prevalence and symptoms of post-COVID-19 syndrome in active-duty military personnel.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cintron is actively involved in the community. She has volunteered at the Kansas City Care Clinic and participated in healthcare initiatives internationally, including an internship at Clinica MacSalud in Cusco, Peru. 

Samantha Cintron is a dedicated nurse, researcher, educator, and leader making significant contributions to the field of nursing. Through her passion for understanding complex health conditions, her commitment to research, and her dedication to improving patient care, she serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and students. Her work and accomplishments highlight her tireless pursuit of knowledge and her unwavering commitment to the betterment of healthcare.

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