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Professional Identity in Nursing

The KU School of Nursing's Professional Identity Consulting services provides curriculum development and workshops that explore what it means to be a nurse today.

KU Nursing Education Solutions is on the forefront of the exciting and emerging field of professional identity in nursing.

 NES’s Dr. Nelda Godfrey is a leading expert in professional identity in nursing. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has recently added professional identity in nursing to its Essentials. We can help you incorporate professional identity in nursing into your curriculum and provide workshops that explore what it means to be a nurse today.

As of October 2023, NES is proud to offer the Professional Identity in Nursing Scale (PINS) Instrument. Tested with more than 1,500 nurses, the PINS instrument is a reliable and valid measure of professional identity in nursing. Licensing agreements for the PINS instrument are available, including a beta version for students.

NES continues to work with industry leaders from around the country to further develop professional identity in nursing. Since 2018, the KU School of Nursing and NES have hosted professional identity in nursing events to support this vital piece of nursing education and practice. In 2020, we helped establish the International Society for Professional Identity in Nursing (ISPIN).

If you are interested in participating in this initiative or would just like to follow its progress, please contact us to subscribe to our newsletter.

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