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Advancing Collaborative Care

Interprofessional practice and education (IPE) improves health and social care with people, families and communities.

The KU Office of Interprofessional Practice, Education, Policy and Research (iPEPR) at the University of Kansas School of Nursing improves health and social care through interprofessional collaborative practice and education by advancing policy and research regionally, nationally and globally.

iPEPR is led by Teri Kennedy, Ph.D., MSW, ACSW, FGSA, FNAP, associate dean of interprofessional practice, education, policy and research and Ida Johnson Feaster Professor of Interprofessional Practice and Education in the School of Nursing, and professor in the Department of Population Health in the School of Medicine.

"Interprofessional practice and education (the “new” IPE) is the shared space between interprofessional education, interprofessional practice and collaborative practice…It intentionally supports people — including health professionals, health workers, students, residents, patients, families and communities — to learn together every day to enhance collaboration and improve health outcomes while reducing costs. "
"And ultimately it’s all about improving the care of human beings, in Kansas and beyond."
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