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Undergraduate Students

Clinical education takes place through a deliberate practice model that promotes active and self-directed learning for undergraduate nursing students.

Undergraduate Nursing Experience

Nursing students participate in a variety of lab-based curricular activities intended to strengthen critical thinking, decision making, delegation and teamwork skills. In the early undergraduate nursing curriculum, students learn the necessary physical assessment and psychomotor skills through a deliberate practice model that promotes active and self-directed learning.

After demonstrating basic competencies, students are prepared to begin clinical courses where they work alongside faculty and registered nurses to care for patients.


To enhance clinical learning, each clinical course is supplemented with lab sessions that offer opportunities to practice advanced nursing skills and simulations to practice those same skills in the context of a patient case.

Simulations also focus on practicing teamwork strategies, including communication and crisis resource management with other professions. Some simulations are uniprofessional (nursing students only) and others are interprofessional (multiple professions).

The simulation curriculum was built to provide students with opportunities to practice strategies and interventions they may not encounter or do independently during their clinical rotations. Specifically, they work in a health care team to make decisions about a patient's care.

The Schools of Nursing and Medicine have worked together to create a longitudinal curriculum in which nursing and medical students participate in two simulations every semester, together. This training is unique to the University of Kansas Medical Center and is intended to better prepare graduates to effectively and efficiently care for emergent or urgent patient conditions as a health care team.

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