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Through nursing and academic awards, School of Nursing faculty are recognized for their dedication and outstanding teaching and research contributions.

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The DAISY Award was founded by Mark and Bonnie Barnes, in memory of their son Patrick who died of ITP after a long illness. This award originated in the clinical setting with the intent to recognize excellence in nursing care and practice. Their intent was to ‘give back' to the nursing field because of the fine care Patrick received. In 2010, the Daisy Foundation expanded the award to include nursing faculty.

  • 2023: Teale Ryan, MS, RN; Karen Weis, Col (ret.), Ph.D., RNC-OB, FAAN; Colleen Paramesh, DNP, NP-C
  • 2022: Kristi L’Ecuyer, MSN, RN; Colleen Paramesh, DNP, NP-C; Nathan Mattson, MSN-NE, RN
  • 2021: Deena Woodall, MSN, RN; Kristi L’Ecuyer, MSN, RN; Qiuhua Shen, Ph.D., APRN, RN
  • 2020: Nate Mattson, MSN-NE, RN; Laura Klenke-Borgmann, MSN, RN, CEN; Cara Busenhart, Ph.D., CNM, APRN, FACNM
  • 2019: Kathy Guilkey, MSN, RN; Cara Busenhart, Ph.D., CNM, APRN, FACNM; Ruth Penny, RN, BSN, CNRN
  • 2018: Jessica Gay, MSN, RND; Quihua Shen, Ph.D., APRN, RN
  • 2017: Elizabeth Young, MSN, RN, CNE; Carol Buller, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, GNP-C
  • 2016: Heather Nelson-Brantley, Ph.D., RN, CCRN-K

The Karen L Miller (KLM) Visionary Leadership Award provides an award to a qualified School of Nursing faculty member who demonstrates visionary, innovative leadership related to teaching, research or practice that could include but is not limited to an interprofessional focus. This award is in recognition of the innovative, vision and leadership provided by Dean Karen L. Miller during her tenure as Dean of the School of Nursing.

  • 2023: Quihua Shen, Ph.D., APRN, RN
  • 2022: Laura Klenke-Borgmann, Ph.D., RN, CHSE
  • 2021: Cara Busenhart, Ph.D., CNM, APRN, FACNM
  • 2020: Kathy Fletcher, Ph.D., RN
  • 2019: Sharon Kumm, MN, RN, CNE
  • 2018: Breah Chambers, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
  • 2017: Jerrihlyn L. McGee, DNP, RN, CNE
  • 2016: David Martin, MN, RN

Phyllis Keeney Lawrence was a 1990 graduate in the KU School of Nursing. Upon her death, her family established this award in her name to honor an outstanding faculty member in the School of Nursing. The award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates a superior record of teaching performance, makes a significant contribution to curriculum development and utilizes innovative approaches in teaching.

  • 2023: Colleen Paramesh, DNP, NP-C
  • 2022: Delois Laverentz, RN, MN, CCRN-K
  • 2021: Heather Nelson-Brantley, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC, CCRN-K
  • 2020: Sharon Kumm, MN, MS, CNE
  • 2019: Elizabeth Young, MSN, RN, CNE
  • 2018: Nancy Barr, MS, RN
  • 2017: Chito Belchez, MSN, RN-BC
  • 2016: Kelli Kramer-Jackman, Ph.D., APRN, FNP, BC

The MacArthur Award provides funding to a nurse researcher who is leading or co-leading an interdisciplinary or interprofessional team at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

  • 2023: Frances Yang, Ph.D., Janet Pierce, Ph.D., APRN, CCRN, FAAN, Mary Ellen Potts, Ph.D., Teri Kennedy, Ph.D., MSW, ACSW, FGSA, FNAP
  • 2022: Jill Peltzer, Ph.D., APRN-CNS
  • 2021: Kesa Herlihy, Ph.D., RN, CNE and Maryellen Potts, PhD
  • 2020: Diane Mahoney, DNP, FNP-BC, WHNP-BC
  • 2019: Heather Nelson-Brantley, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CCRN-K
  • 2018: Shin Hye Park, Ph.D., RN
  • 2017: Jill Peltzer, Ph.D., APRN-CNS

The Jean Johnson award supports pilot projects, instrument development or other initial research efforts; or covers research expenses that exceed the funding for an ongoing study.

  • 2023: Jamie Myers, Ph.D., RN, AOCNS, FAAN, for the project titled “Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and Long-term Breast Cancer Treatment Sequalae: Supplemental Funding for Biomarker Analyses”

The Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award is intended to recognize and reward demonstrated teaching ability of a clearly superlative nature. The award will be given to paid (non-volunteer) faculty who contribute to the university and its students through excellence and outstanding classroom teaching. Classroom teaching is defined in its broadest sense to include educational activities in various settings and to a variety of learners in the three schools and the graduate and undergraduate programs at the medical center.

  • 2021: Heather Nelson-Brantley, Ph.D., RN
  • 2020: Qiuhua Shen, Ph.D., APRN, RN
  • 2018: Jill Peltzer, Ph.D., APRN-CNS

This Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching and is awarded only to persons who have demonstrated outstanding teaching competence over an extended period of years.

  • 2021 Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • 2017 Karen Wambach, Ph.D., RN, IBCLC, FILCA, FAAN

The Glendon G. Cox Leadership Award honors a member of our academic medical community as a leader and recognizes contributions made in an extraordinary fashion and at a consistently high level over a span of many years. This award is faculty-initiated and recognizes our colleagues who have shown sustained leadership and excellence in their service to the University of Kansas.

2018: Cynthia Teel, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

The KU Medical Center Alumni Association annually presents the Distinguished, Honorary and Early Career Achievement Awards during Alumni Reunion Weekend to a deserving alumnus of each school. These are the highest honors the KUMC Alumni Association bestows upon graduates of the KU Schools of Health Professions, Medicine and Nursing and those who have made outstanding contributions to the health care professions.

Early Career Achievement in Nursing Alumni Award Winners
  • 2023 Rachel Melson, DNP'17, MS'15
  • 2022 Amanda Cackler, DNP'22, MS'10, BSN'03, CPHQ, CIC
  • 2021 Samantha A. Johnson, BSN'15
  • 2020 Kesa Herlihy, PhD'17, N'08, RN, CNE
  • 2019 Qiuhua Shen, PhD'11, MSN'08, APRN
  • 2018 Cara A. Busenhart, PhD'14, CNM
Honorary Nursing Alumni Award Winners
  • 2023 Lucy Kollhoff, MS and Michael Kollhoff, MS
  • 2022 Pamela K. Barnes, Ph.D., MBA
  • 2021 Amy L. Garcia, DNP, RN, CENP
  • 2020 Barbara C. Unell
  • 2019 Karen A. Wambach, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • 2018 Noreen C. Thompson, APRN, PMHCNS-BC
Distinguished Nursing Alumni Award Winners
  • 2023 Debra Travers, Ph.D, MSN, BSN'81
  • 2022 Jamie S. Myers, Ph.D.'10, MN'84, BSN'80, RN, AOCNS, FAAN
  • 2021 Gaylene (Bouska) Altman, PhD, RN, MN, BSN'67, CNS
  • 2020 Lynelle N.B. Pierce, MS, N'81, CCNS, FAAN
  • 2019 Wanda Bonnel, PhD'90
  • 2018 Moya Peterson, PhD'06, APRN, FNP-BC

Alumni Award recipients are listed on the Alumni Association's Alumni Award site.

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