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Research Overview

The University of Kansas Medical Center is a world-class academic hospital with research as a Urology Researchcritical component in the comprehensive care of patients. The Department of Urology continues to lead the charge against urologic disease through a diverse array of research protocols. It is through such research that important breakthroughs occur in the field of medicine. We collaborate closely with clinicians and scientists in various medical specialties within the university as well as across the country. As our primary concern is patient care, our clinical trials at the University of Kansas Medical Center are heavily scrutinized to ensure the privacy and safety of all patients participating in our clinical studies.

The Department of Urology has an extensive list of on-going clinical trials both investigator initiated as well as industry sponsored. Additionally, it is an integral part of our mission to study the biology of urologic diseases within the basic science laboratory and translate them into patient care. We currently have four basic and translational scientists performing cutting edge research in the urology laboratory. Please contact our research study coordinator at 913-945-6432 for more details. 

Meet our Research Team

Jill Hamilton-Reeves

Jill M. Hamilton-Reeves, PhD, RD, CSO

Unlocking the potential of nutrition interventions to improve outcomes and quality of life in cancer patients

Dr Holzbeierlein Jeffrey M. Holzbeierlein, MD

Developing new compounds to fight prostate and bladder cancer through targeting HSP90
Dr Lee Eugene K. Lee, MD

Nutrition in combating bladder cancer using an app-based program to improve perioperative outcomes in patients undergoing radical cystectomy
Dr Li Benyi Li, MD, PhD

Identifying new strategies in combating prostate cancer
Dr Nangia Ajay Nangia, MBBS

The development of male contraception  
Dr Taylor John Taylor, MD

Identifying novel drugs and biomarkers to combat bladder cancer

Last modified: Jan 30, 2020