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Tenure Track: Mid-Cycle Review, Mandatory Review, Extensions

Tenure-track faculty are required to be reviewed during the third and sixth year of their appointment.

The following information is for Tenure Track faculty only.

Mid-Cycle Review

Tenure-track faculty members are required to have a mid-cycle review completed during their third academic year at the university. (e.g. If a faculty members hire year was 2021, the review needs to be completed in the 2024-2025 academic year.) The mid-cycle review is required prior to the faculty member's mandatory review. 

The faculty member is responsible for contacting their department chair and department APT committee chair to confirm the review will be completed. The mid-cycle review date is noted in the original offer letter. Faculty Affairs and Development notifies the departments who have faculty with mid-cycle reviews due. The deadline for all department APT committees to meet is August 1.

Mid-Cycle Review Materials for the Department APT Committee

Required materials vary by department so check with your department APT committee chair to confirm what is expected. Examples of the materials to submit to the Department APT Committee could include:

  • Current FACT CV
  • Department chair evaluation summary, if available
  • Copies of annual faculty assessments
  • Other appropriate evidence of progress towards tenure and academic promotion

Mid-Cycle Completed Review

The department APT committee forwards the completed review to the department chair and faculty member. The department chair and faculty member meet to discuss the results and the department APT committee chair may also be included in this meeting. The review must be signed by the department chair and faculty member. A copy of the completed review will be kept in the School of Medicine Faculty Affairs and Development office until the faculty members mandatory review is due. Please email the copy to Angie Basgall no later than August 15.

Mandatory Review

Tenure-track faculty members are required to apply for promotion for the award of tenure in the fall of their 5th year at the university since the mandatory review is due in the 6th year of the appointment. (e.g. If the faculty member was hired in 2019, the mandatory review and applying for promotion with tenure process will be required in 2024.) If a faculty member has been previously approved for a tenure track (probationary period) extension, one year will be added to the current mandatory year. Faculty hired as an associate professor or full professor without tenure can apply for tenure only during the mandatory review.

Reviews Table

The mid-career and mandatory review table lists when reviews are due based on hire year.

Tenure Clock (probationary period) Extension Requests

Tenure Clock Extension Request Form (.doc)

The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) defines two circumstances in which tenure track faculty may request an extension to the initial seven-year probationary period. These include the birth or adoption of a child and an extenuating circumstance. No more than two extensions of the tenure clock may be granted to a faculty member for any reason.

Birth or Adoption of a Child

Faculty are granted a one-year delay for the birth, adoptive placement or adoption of a child under age 5 prior to May 1 of the fifth year of the probationary period. Notification must occur within 90 days of the birth or adoption. A faculty member may retain the right to opt-out of this interruption policy.

  • Procedure:
    • Submit a copy of the birth certificate or adoption papers with the extension request form. Letters from the faculty member and department chair are not required.

Extenuating Circumstance

The tenure clock may be extended by one year, prior to the sixth year, for an unexpected special and extenuating circumstance per request of the faculty member and appropriate dean to the chief academic officer.

  • Procedure:
    • The faculty member submits a letter to the department chair detailing the circumstances for the extension request. The faculty member also completes, signs and dates the extension request form and submits it to the department chair.
    • The department chair signs and dates the extension request form. Upon approval, the department chair writes a detailed letter in support of the extension request.
    • The faculty member or department administrator submits the paperwork upon completion as stated above. The form and letters must be emailed to Angie Basgall in Faculty Affairs and Development for finalization by the School of Medicine Executive Dean and the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs.


Contact Angie Basgall in Kansas City or Kaycee Miller in Wichita.

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