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Applying for Promotion

The following information provides guidance through the promotion and tenure registration and application process within the School of Medicine.


The first step of the promotion and tenure process is to complete a Registration Form in RedCap. Registering for promotion is required in order to proceed with the application process. Registration details are emailed on March 1.

CV Requirement

The primary document required for the promotion application and review process is the School of Medicine formatted CV. The CV must thoroughly document all achievements in teaching, service, and research/scholarship from post-graduate education through current day.

Ask a colleague or mentor for a CV review and to provide feedback. In addition, contact Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) for a mandatory CV review with Dr. Dianne Durham, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development. This review will be a thorough discussion. Feedback will be given on content and structure to help capture all accomplishments. Please contact Angie Basgall to set up an appointment.

FACT is the required method to create the CV. All previous Word document CV templates are obsolete.

Application Materials Required

All faculty careers are vastly different which makes it difficult to give a standardized number of publications, teaching evaluations or grants needed for an application. The APT Committee Members are aware of these differences so each application is reviewed individually and thoroughly. Please use the Application Guide (PDF) for the required materials to upload to SharePoint.


As described above

Teaching Evaluations

Reviewers rely on teaching evaluations to determine the quality of teaching. If formal evaluations are not available, there are a variety of other options:

  • Ask mentees (former students or junior faculty) to write a letter of support.
  • Ask peers for a written evaluation.
  • To access medical student teaching evaluations, log in to OASIS
  • To access resident teaching evaluations, log in to MedHub
  • Contact the department administrator to inquire if records of evaluations from lectures, small groups, grand rounds, conferences, etc. are available.

If teaching evaluations are not included with your application materials, it is required that a short explanation is written to the committee as to why they are omitted. This explanation should be uploaded to the Teaching Evaluations folder.

Peer Coaching Program

Assessing the quality of your teaching through your CV can be difficult. If you do not have standardized teaching evaluations, or you would like extra documentation to show your excellence in teaching, please contact the Peer Coaching Program and submit a Peer Observation Request Form.

Grant Information

For all grants or contracts awarded, please upload a cover sheet. If a cover sheet is not available, a Project Summary Page, Grant Application Page, Clinical Trial Agreement, and/or Clinical Study Agreement will be sufficient.


Links to articles and PMCID numbers are helpful additions to your CV. PDFs of the articles for the last five years are required if not directly linked to a webpage. Please do not upload any books or book chapters. We will contact you directly if the reviewers request a book or chapter.

Other Documentation

Notification of Awards/Honors, teaching materials developed, applicant requested letters (from former students, mentees or colleagues), RVU graphs, are all examples of the additional documentation to add to your application packet. Review examples of how to document your RVUs (PDF)

Reference Letters, Department Letters

Reference letters are mandatory and confidential. All referees need to be equivalent to, or higher than, the proposed rank.

Referee contact information is entered on the form provided in SharePoint. Please review the Reference Letter Requirements (PDF). This document will help guide you on choosing your referees. Consult with your Department Chair and Department P&T Committee for advice on who to select.Current members of the School of Medicine APT Committee are ineligible to serve as a referee. Please review the APT Committee Roster.

Applicants are strongly advised to contact referees ahead of time to only validate contact information and willingness to provide a letter. Do not officially request the letter. Requests for letters are sent in September by Angie Basgall in Faculty Affairs and Development. Communication is ongoing with the referees after requests are sent and all letters are tracked until received. Applicants will be notified in November on the status of letters. Please do not contact your referees to inquire about them.

Letters from the Department Chair, Department APT Committee and Division Director (if applicable) are mandatory and are due no later than August 31. Applicants do not need to request these letters. All departments are aware letters are required and they will be tracked to be sure they are received. Do not upload these letters in SharePoint. Please email them to Angie Basgall in Faculty Affairs and Development. Notification to the applicant will be sent when letters are received.


All applications are completed electronically using SharePoint. This is a secure site with exclusive permissions. Only the applicant, the applicant's assistant (if requested), and School of Medicine Faculty Affairs and Development in Kansas City and Wichita have access to your folder. Once the APT Committees begin the review process, committee members will be given access. Referee contact information is also entered in SharePoint.

School of Medicine APT Committee

The School of Medicine APT Committee reviews and evaluates promotion applications based on the materials provided by the applicant. Be sure application materials are detailed, accurate and documented thoroughly. Detailed instructions can be found in the Application Guide (PDF).

Some committee members will be outside of your discipline. Keep this in mind when preparing the materials and be sure to offer descriptive explanations. Additional information may include:

  • For clinicians: Since a busy clinical schedule varies by department/specialty, include RVU information and department averages, as well as national RVU statistics. Adding a short description of what is involved with clinical duties is also very helpful.
  • For basic scientists: Add additional information for quantitative data. Examples include details on the mentoring, grant application process and developing a module or course. Explain time commitments and impact of the activities.


Timelines: 2020-2021 (PDF), 2021-2022 (PDF)

This lists the sequential order of the Promotion and Tenure (P&T) process.

Application Guide (PDF)

This guide is separated into folder categories and explains the required materials for a complete packet. Applicants will upload these materials to the designated SharePoint folders.

Academic Rank Matrix (PDF)

This matrix shows the career levels required for each domain relative to the specific rank and track. It also shows a condensed snapshot of the Reference Letter Requirements.

Domain Expectations by Career Level (PDF)

This document lists the expectations by career level: Early, Mid, Established

Domain Expectations by Domain (PDF)

This document lists the expectations by domain: Teaching, Service, Research/Scholarship

Reference Letter Requirements (PDF)

This document outlines who is qualified to serve as a referee and who is ineligible. It also indicates the required minimum number of referees to submit and the minimum number of letters required to receive by rank and track.

SharePoint Guidelines: Finding your Folder, Uploading Documents, Adding Reference Contact Info (PDF)

This document will assist with finding your SharePoint folder and instruct how to upload files and reference contact information.



All application materials must be uploaded in SharePoint by August 31 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for review.
  • Late materials or revisions to documents after the deadline will not be accepted (no exceptions).
  • Any revision to a CV will not be accepted after the deadline (no exceptions).
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