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Rainbow Award

The prestigious Rainbow Award acknowledges our physicians and community preceptors who display outstanding attributes of professionalism and excellence in medicine and impart these characteristics to their students.

About the Rainbow Award

The Rainbow Award was established in 1998-1999 by the Medical Student Assembly in conjunction with the Dean of the School of Medicine to honor our heroes in medicine.

The distinguished Rainbow Award honors those individuals who exemplify the attributes of professionalism in medicine and share those qualities with the students whom they mentor.

Nomination Process

Each year, medical students nominate those physicians who have impacted their educational experience and have given them a solid example of excellence in the field of medicine. Rainbow Award nominees are specifically recognized for possessing the following qualities and attributes:

  • altruism
  • accountability
  • excellence
  • duty and service
  • honor and integrity
  • respect for patients, staff and students

Nominations are submitted by students and honorees are then selected by students. Students nominate five finalists and then vote for the ultimate award recipient.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees must be a member of KU School of Medicine physicians or community preceptors.
  • Students recommend the faculty names with a statement justifying why they deserve to be recognized with the award.
  • Nominations, all support materials and questions should be sent to the Student Voice Committee Chair.

Selection Criteria

  • The student selection committee evaluates nominees by reviewing their personal questionnaire and CV.
  • Five finalists are selected by student committee.
  • Five finalists are required to complete a Rainbow Award Finalist questionnaire and are invited to submit their CV.
  • The winner is selected from the list of five finalists by student body vote.
  • The winner is announced at A Grand Affair, the annual award dinner and gala.

Award and Presentation

The past year recipient presents to the new winner. Honorees get an award certificate and trophy, and a short video highlighting their achievements is shared at the award dinner.

Previous Honorees

  • 2022-2023
    Annabel Mancillas, M.D.

  • 2021-2022
    David Becker, M.D.

  • 2020-2021
    Laurel Witt, M.D.

  • 2019-2020
    Jennifer Villwock, M.D.

  • 2018-2019
    Gary Gronseth, M.D.

  • 2017-2018
    Kirk Miller, D.O.

  • 2016-2017
    Abebe Abebe, M.D.

  • 2015-2016
    Joseph LeMaster, M.D.

  • 2014-2015
    Jana Zaudke, M.D.

  • 2013-2014
    Michael Kennedy, M.D.

  • 2012-2013
    Sarah Taylor, M.D.

  • 2011-2012
    Gary Doolittle, M.D.

  • 2010-2011
    Deborah Clements, M.D.

  • 2009-2010
    Garold Minns, M.D.

  • 2008-2009
    Mark Meyer, M.D.

  • 2007-2008
    David Robbins, M.D.

  • 2006-2007
    Mary Duff, M.D.

  • 2005-2006
    Daniel Dickerson, M.D.

  • 2004-2005
    Vance R. Burns, M.D.

  • 2003-2004
    Steven Simpson, M.D.

  • 2002-2003
    Belinda A. Vail, M.D.

  • 2001-2002
    LeAnn Detar-Newbert, M.D.

  • 2000-2001
    Debra Smith, M.D.

  • 1999-2000
    Michael Moncure, M.D.

  • 1998-1999
    Linda Campbell, M.D.

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