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School of Medicine Faculty Governance

School of Medicine Faculty Governance

6/15/21 - SoM Faculty Bylaws Changes Proposed: A number of changes have been proposed to the SoM Faculty Bylaws. Discussion on these proposed changes occurred at the June 15th Faculty Council meeting.

  • 6/15/21 - View a final "tracked" copy of the proposed changes with revisions highlighted in yellow here.
  • 6/15/21 - A summary of the changes and rationale behind each change here and a recording of the Faculty Council meeting where the changes were discussed can be found here.
  • 5/25/21 - View a "tracked" copy of the proposed changes here.
  • 5/25/21- View a "clean" copy of the proposed changes here.

2/17/2021 - SoM Faculty Council response to KBOR policy

7/7/2020 - SoM Faculty Bylaws Change Proposal: The vote on the proposed changes passed. The updated Bylaws are below. 

Executive Committee 

Faculty Council 

School of Medicine Faculty Standing Committees (2020-2021 Roster)

Standing Committee Annual Reports 2019-2020

Standing Committee Responsibilities

The philosophy and regulations on which faculty governance is based are described in the University of Kansas School of Medicine Faculty Bylaws. View PDF of Bylaws. The School has a collaborative governance structure, designed to promote partnership between the faculty and the administration in conducting the business of the School.  

Last modified: Jun 16, 2021