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Internal Medicine/Psychiatry

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The Internal Medicine/Psychiatry program is a five-year program beginning in the first post-graduate year and leading to dual board certification in both specialties. The program has been approved by the American Boards of Internal Medicine and of Psychiatry and Neurology. The program is sponsored jointly by the ACGME accredited Internal Medicine Residency Program and the Psychiatry Residency Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The concept of the program recognizes that a sound grounding in Internal Medicine is highly valuable in the psychiatric evaluation and management of mentally ill patients, and that frequently psychiatric insight and training can afford better management of some general medical patients. Graduates may develop practices that take advantage of the joint training, serving as consultants in liaison psychiatry or consultative medicine, or be actively involved in research or administration in internal medicine and/or psychiatry.

The Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program Director and the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry are dually boarded in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, and hold joint faculty appointments in both departments. This provides for excellent coordination of the training.


Throughout their five years of training, residents participate in a variety of formalized weekly seminars and lectures. The didactics are designed to parallel the residents progressively expanding knowledge and skills, moving from the more basic concepts to the more complex, and involving increasing participation on the part of the resident.

In addition to the regular lectures, the Internal Medicine/Psychiatry residents meet monthly with the Internal Medicine/Psychiatry faculty. These meetings include journal clubs, case presentations and/or program discussions specific to the combined program.

An outline of the training experiences spanning the program's five years can be found in the right column of this page.

The Evaluation Process

Regular verbal feedback is an integral part of the training experience at all levels of training. Formal online evaluations are completed by the responsible supervising attendings, nurses and social workers and medical students at the conclusion of each rotation or on a quarterly basis.

All residents are required to take the Psychiatry Resident in Training Examination (PRITE) in each year of training as well as the Internal Medicine In-Training-Examination (ITE).

Residents meet with both the Internal Medicine AND Psychiatry program directors twice each year to review his/her progress (including evaluations, PRITE and ITE scores, etc.), to assess the trainee’s caseload, and discuss any of the resident’s concerns.

Residents also actively participate in the education and evaluation of medical students whom they have supervised and taught on the clinical services. In turn, the medical students provide anonymous written feedback about the resident’s effectiveness as teachers and psychiatrists/physicians.

There are currently two entry positions per year. Candidates are interviewed by members of both the Departments of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, but applications should be made to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (see the section entitled "The Application Process " for details).

Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Training Program

Program Director - Teresa D. Long, M.D.
Program Co-Director - Angela K. Mayorga, M.D.
Associate Program Director - Lisa A. Shenkman, M.D.
Residency Coordinator - Stacy E. Buckley

Last modified: Aug 21, 2019