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Residency Training Overview

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The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Kansas School of Medicine has been a force in psychiatric education since 1905, becoming a separate medical school department in 1946. Throughout that time our mission has been to train physicians in the art and science of psychiatry through a variety of educational and clinical settings.


Our program’s philosophy revolves around a belief in the basic unity of all psychiatry as a specialty of medicine. The Department’s orientation is broad, encompassing most of the major theoretical points of view in psychiatry, with a truly biopsychosocial approach to patient care.

Program Goals

We view residency training as the beginning of an exciting journey in which both the trainees and faculty play a crucial part. Our aim is to graduate well-trained psychiatrists who can treat a wide array of patients suffering from mental disorders, are capable of employing all necessary and available treatments, and of working effectively alone or collaboratively in a variety of clinical settings. It is also our goal to prepare graduates with sufficient critical intellectual skills to continue to grow and develop in future years. Didactic and clinical training experiences are geared to meet specific objectives appropriate to each level of the resident’s professional development.

As teachers it is our responsibility to provide a learning environment that is supportive, yet at the same time demanding and challenging enough so that each resident is encouraged to practice and learn at a level consistent with his/her knowledge and skills. We must be available to supervise and educate, yet willing to provide autonomy so that you may attain optimal and individualized personal and professional growth.

It is your responsibility to invest in your own education, seeking out educational opportunities and making an effort to take full advantage of the training resources. You must engage in critical self-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, and in personal reflection, and constantly strive to become the best physician and psychiatrist you can be.

General Psychiatry Training Program
Program Director - Angela K. Mayorga, M.D.
Associate Program Director - Lisa A. Shenkman, M.D. 
Residency Coordinator - Stacy E. Buckley

Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Training Program
Program Director - Teresa D. Long, M.D.
Program Co-Director - Angela K. Mayorga, M.D.
Associate Program Director - Lisa A. Shenkman, M.D.
Residency Coordinator - Stacy E. Buckley 

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program
Program Director - Sharon E. Cain, M.D.
Associate Program Director - Ann Genovese, M.D.
Residency Coordinator - Tammy Bosshard

Addiction Psychiatry Training Program
Program Director - Amad U. Din, M.D.
Residency Coordinator - Stacy E. Buckley


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Last modified: Aug 21, 2019