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Building Capacity for Tobacco Treatment in Kansas and Beyond

I liked the flow of the information. I feel that the course had a strong overview of tobacco and then led into the important aspects of treating tobacco. One module would build on the next. -Anonymous

Course was divided up in a way that made learning and retaining very easy and user-friendly, especially being able to quiz as we advanced through the sections/modules. - Anonymous

Being able to participate in this training when it was convenient for my schedule was helpful. -Anonymous


University of Kansas Tobacco Treatment Education provides 3 types of trainings: the nationally accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training, Tailored Trainings for Tobacco Treatment, and the upcoming Tobacco Cessation Support Training for Certified Peer Specialists and Peer Mentors.

Our mission is to expand the reach of evidence-based tobacco treatment by

  • providing comprehensive or tailored educational opportunities in Kansas, nationally, and internationally
  • building collaborative networks of providers and others who are positioned to lessen the impact of tobacco dependence on individuals and their communities.
  • providing training and consultation to increase access, availability, and affordability of evidence-based tobacco treatment in a wide variety of clinical and community settings.

About Us

The Kansas Health Foundation's Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in Behavioral Health Initiative provided start-up funding for the KU Tobacco Treatment Education team in 2016. Cigarette use among adults in Kansas (17.2%) is higher than the national average (13.7%; CDC 2018). People with any mental illness consume tobacco with greater intensity, have more difficulty quitting, and relapse to tobacco at higher rates. Therefore, this program initially targeted behavioral health providers in the state of Kansas. With additional funding from the Kansas Health Foundation, this program expanded and created its own unique curriculum for Tobacco Treatment Specialists in 2020, which is nationally accredited and available to trainees around the globe in all settings.
Our team contributes to the practice and science of evidence-based tobacco treatment in Kansas and beyond. We are active members of ATTUD, CTTTP, SRNT, and other networks of providers and researchers.

Last modified: Feb 17, 2021

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