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Stroke Impact Scale Instructions for Download and Use


  1. First, print this page so you have a hard copy of the database download, setup, and use instructions.
  2. Set up a directory on your hard drive to hold the SIS database (i.e. C:\SISdb).
  3. Save the Access database files called SISVER3.mdb or SIS16ver1.MDB to your hard drive in the folder you created in step 2.
  4. To begin using either SIS database, you can now simply double click on the file in your folder which will open Microsoft Access.


  1. The first screen you will see in the database is your main menu. From here, you can: 1) add new data, 2) edit existing data, 3) print a summary report, or 4) quit the application. These instructions will walk you through each option, explaining the do’s and don’ts.
  2. ADD NEW DATA: This button takes you to a new form for data entry. Begin by entering the patient SSN and date of exam. Continue entering data from all 64 SIS items. When finished entering data, click on either "Add another SIS record" or "Back to menu" button.  Each of these buttons will take you to the data entry screens specific to each evaluation period.
  3. General rules for data entry.
    1. All fields may be left blank with the exception of the SSN field. This identifier field is required.
    2. As a general rule when entering and editing data, please use the buttons at the bottom of each form to navigate the database.
  4. EDIT EXISTING DATA: Editing data is always performed on individual patient, therefore you must carefully choose the correct patient. Once you have clicked the edit button, the program will take you into the existing file of data. Use the arrows at the bottom left of the screen to navigate to the SSN of the patient you wish to edit. When editing SIS data, you must "tab" through the entire section of the instrument you are editing. This step is necessary to recalculate the "domain" score for the edited section. For example, if you edit the first item in the first section of the SIS, following your edit you must hit the "tab" key on your keyboard 3 or 4 times until you begin section two. The calculation of each domain score is triggered on entering the value of the last variable of the domain. When finished editing on a single patient, please use the buttons at the bottom of the form to save your edits and return you to the editing menu.
  5. SUMMARY REPORT: This button will create a report consisting of one page for every patient you have entered into the database database. You can navigate through each page (or patient) by using the arrows at the bottom left of the screen. To print all or a select subset of patients, go to FILE, PRINT, and then select "All" or the specific pages you want to print. Click on the X in the upper right corner to exit the report.

Caveats, Copyrights, and Restrictions on use: This application has been developed to help clinicians evaluate outcomes for their stroke patients. There is no charge for the use of this application by individuals or not-for-profit organizations**. We ask that you do not edit, copy, distribute, sell, or generate revenue in any way with all or any component of this database. Failure to comply with this request could violate federal copyright law.

** Private, for profit organizations must contact Sue M. Lai for more information regarding the registration of the Stroke Impact Scale for their use. For comments, questions, problems, and/or feedback, please send email to the Sue M. Lai.

Last modified: Jun 30, 2019